Whether in college or in real life, major in relationships

This excellent article written by Leslie Mann, holds important information for all of us, even those not currently in college.

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Mann's article asks us to focus on the real value of college; suggesting that it's more than the academics that will provide benefit over the long haul.  The suggestion is made and reinforced with several anecdotes that the real value of college is the relationships that are created.  Indeed, I would take it a step further and suggest that in all we do, the experiences are important, but it is the people we meet and the relationships we create that provide long term value throughout a life time.

Sharing fun filled new experiences bonds us together.  Sharing challenges and difficulties reinforces that bond and bring real richness to both parties.  Creating relationships with others can provide us with the support we need to meet changes head on and to celebrate achievements with those who understand the effort that was expended and the satisfaction that success has brought.  

Whatever new experiences you are heading into over the new few weeks, I would paraphrase Ashli Stempel's advice and say, "(Life) s what you put into it.  Introduce yourself.  Get involved.  Never miss a chance to get your hands dirty."  You won't regret it.