CASA Kane County Annual Fall Conference is honored to have been included as a partner with CASA in this important event.


On Friday November 3, 2017, CASA Kane County is hosting its Annual Educational Fall Conference at Pheasant Run Resort in Saint Charles, Illinois.  The topic of this year's conference is "A Generation in Crisis: Youth Mental Illness."  Together, with our partners at Northwestern Medicine, the Kane County Regional Office of Education, Christ Community Church, Administer Justice, INC Board, NFP and Mutual Ground, we are tackling the root causes of mental illness in our youth and offering practical solutions for how we, as a community, can identify children that are struggling and get them the help and support they need. 

While doesn't tackle the root causes of mental illness, we do help individuals tackle the challenges that having a mental illness causes as they attempt to begin life as an independent adult. helps people find meaningful employment.  Meaningful employment in our world is defined as work that provides financial stability and emotional significance and purpose.

Many young adults are finding this increasingly more difficult.  At we see many young people who self-disclose with a variety of mental illnesses including  anxiety-related disorders, affective disorders (which include depression and bipolar disorder), substance addiction disorders, autism.  In many cases these individuals are able and want to work.  Many college degrees and can function at a very high level. 

Yet, entry into the workforce is extremely difficult for them.  They usually need special, individualized coaching and support and perhaps special accommodations in the interviewing process. has a proven track record of effectively working with these young people to secure employment that meets their individual needs.  We are active in advocating for the full range of diversity present in our community and our collective need to have access to meaningful employment.

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