Another PIG is flying! Valerie got contract assignment

when pigs fly 4.jpg

Congratuations Valerie H.  She has joined  has accepted a full-time contract assignment that should lead into a permanent full-time job!!! 

Our dreams don't always become reality quickly or in one full swoop.  Sometimes we need to pivot out way to success.  Valerie got downsized a year ago.  She encountered some health challenges and finally found her way to in the summer of 2017.  We updated her resume and LinkedIn profile and she started to network and explore.  We're hopeful that this contract assignment will morph into permanent.  It often works like that.  We'll keep you posted. 

Finding work is hard work. It takes time and tears and lots of grit and hustle. With the support of, the members of our tribe find their successes and fly in the direction of their dreams.  


Here's a great video about learning to fly and the person you can always count on to support you.  Courtesy of Sandra Boynton and Ryan Adams.