Lauren got a job! Another PIG is flying

when pigs fly 4.jpg

Congratuations!  Lauren R has joined the ranks of our flying PIGs.  She starts a new job today. 

Lauren had not worked in her field for about a year because she had been thinking about changing carreer paths.  Life intervened, as it often does and she pivoted back to the career that she had been educated for and had the most experience in.   Together we revised her resume to address her "gap", updated her LinkedIn profile, connected her to a recruiter in her field and in less than 90 days, Lauren got a GREAT job offer.  Not just a job offer, but a really GREAT career opportunity!

Finding work is hard work. It takes time and tears and lots of grit and hustle. With the support of, the members of our tribe find their successes and fly in the direction of their dreams.  To hear more about Lauren's story, watch our video here.  It's a collection of some of the success stories of our tribe.  Lauren is number two.


Here's a great video about learning to fly and the person you can always count on to support you.  Courtesy of Sandra Boynton and Ryan Adams.