Founder, Cynthia K Wade named Disruptor by Crains and AARP

Founder, Cynthia K Wade and Office Manager, Mary Lee Johanson enjoying the festivities aboard the Odyssey on Tuesday, November 7.

Founder, Cynthia K Wade and Office Manager, Mary Lee Johanson enjoying the festivities aboard the Odyssey on Tuesday, November 7.

CHICAGO, Sept. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Individuals over age 50 consistently show that aging is not about slowing down – it's about growth, passion, experience, creating new opportunities and being there for their communities. They break perceptions and disrupt outdated notions. That is why AARP Illinois and Crain's Custom Media, a division of Crain's Chicago Business, are pleased to announce today the recipients of the first 50@50+ Illinois Award. These 50 amazing Illinoisans will be recognized with in a special 10-page insert in the November 6th issue of Crain's Chicago Business and a recognition event on November 7th.  Click here to view.


"Individuals ages 50 and older make tremendous contributions to their communities. But these trailblazers' efforts often go unnoticed and unrecognized," said AARP Illinois State President Rosanna Marquez. "That is why AARP Illinois and Crain have launched 50@50+ Illinois — to honor those great Illinois disruptors who think outside the box, and go the extra mile to help make life better for all."

"There's a lot of focus on '40 under 40' and '20 in their 20's in today's culture, which is fantastic. But we all need a reminder that people ages 50 and above remain a driving force in many business, not-for-profit, and cultural sectors," said Frank Sennett, Director of Custom Media at Crain's Chicago Business. "Beyond that, folks in the 50+ demographic are increasingly creating great second acts (and beyond) that serve as inspirations to anyone looking for ways to live rich, meaningful lives by pursuing a passion for service and creative expression. We are proud to partner with AARP Illinois in presenting this stellar group of 50 people ages 50+ who are making a big difference in Illinois."

The 50 @50+ Illinois recipients are role models for current and future generations. As tireless leaders, they embrace growth, create new opportunities, and are always present for their neighbors and their communities. Dedicated individuals across Illinois work each day to improve the lives of others, create stronger communities, and disrupt the idea of aging.


50@50+ Illinois honorees were nominated by their peers, and selected by AARP Illinois for their work in the following five categories: Nonprofit, Arts & Culture, Business, Community Building, and Disruption.

DISRUPTORS show us how to embrace opportunity and change the way society looks at getting older.

To see the full list of nominees click here.



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