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When do-over.me was founded 2-1/2 years ago, we thought that our primary client base would be adults in the 50+ age range; individuals who were struggling to figure make meaning of their lives, usually because life have send a few too many hard hitting curve balls their way.  While that is certainly true, what has surprised us is that about 20% of the 50+ individuals who have walked through our doors asking for support for their do-over, are older teens and college students; individuals like Steve Miller.  Please take the time to read this story.  It is at once sad and also gloriously hopeful.  If you recognize yourself or a loved one in the story of Steve Miller, please consider contacting do-over.me at 630-403-0429.  We have a proven track record for successfully supporting young people like Steve who are lost, confused and hurting desperately.  We will support them in many ways, not the least of which is accepting them and assuring them that they are worthy of love and belonging just the way they are.  For more information, please call 630-402-0429. 

Shared from the Palos, IL Patch | Community Corner September 10, 2016
2 Suicides Thwarted, 2 Families, 1 Bridge, 1 Mom
The Miller family knows too well the moment a man stood poised to leap to his death. The mom who saved him? Her son once stood there, too.