Another PIG is flying! YEAH!!!

do-overs are hard work.  They take time and tears and lots of grit and hustle.  With the support of, our clients find their successes and fly in the direction of their dreams.  

About 6 weeks ago, Bonne walked into our offices.  She was anxious and really at a loss as to what to do and where to go.  A divorce had crippled her emotionally and financially.  A serious health concern and the death of her brother, just made the situation worse.  She found a part-time retail job, which based on the hourly rate they paid and the number of hours they indicated she was needed seemed like it would work.  Nothing extra, but at least a start.  

Bonne started work and over the next few weeks found that business was not as the company had anticipated and so the employees with more tenure were even losing hours; she was losing lots of hours.

When she walked into she said that based on the number of hours she was scheduled for in a month, after she paid her rent, she would have $78 to her name.  We quickly crafted a new resume and did some basic interview prep and were able to send her on a job interview.  (That was really lucky.  We don't always have a job that is a match when someone is looking.)  

Long story short, she now has a permanent full time professional level position.  What a success story!  At, we say that another PIG is flying!!!

Here's a great song about learning to fly and the person you can always count on to support you.  Courtesy of Sandra Boynton and Ryan Adams.