IMPROV your life with laughter and learning!

IMPROV!  Our July/August classes with Bill Russell were so successful that we're doing it again in September.  More information can be found here.  

Here's some photos from the class and some comments from the participants.

"Tonight was the greatest and most informative session I've been too."  "I'm coming back because I needed to laugh and I did!"  "It's super fun x 1 thousand; just fun; adult play!"  "I'm coming back because it teaches me tools to make me a better friend and there's nothing better in life than to have lots of friends." "It helps me keep things in order in my mind and also forget about the things that don't matter."  "Everyone is nice."  "It's comfortable, not scary."  "I like the variety of games."  I get to practice and realize that I'm learning to do it better."