And another PIG is flying!

do-overs are hard work.  They take time and tears and lots of grit and hustle.  With the support of, our clients find their successes and fly in the direction of their dreams.  

Jon S came was working through our First Things First workshop exploring options for a future career.  The 29 year old college graduate had never really figured out what to do with his Public Relations degree.  He was considering going back to school for a teaching degree when an opportunity as a full-time teacher's aide became available.  It was in a school where he had done some volunteer work with a staff that knew him and his work ethics.  

We quickly regrouped to update his resume and LinkedIn profile and brush up on his interviewing skills.  Jon not only got an interview but also a job offer.  He starts today!

When things settle down a bit at the new job, Jon will return to and complete the First Things First workshop.  It will allow him the opportunity to work out some plans to either pursue that teaching degree or perhaps something else.  In the meantime, he'll have some practical experience under his belt.  Congratulations, Jon!

Here's a great song about learning to fly and the person you can always count on to support you.  Courtesy of Sandra Boynton and Ryan Adams.