Celebrating Our Freedoms and Saying Thank you

Everyone is looking forward to a fabulous 4th of July weekend!  Here in the Geneva area of northern Illinois, the weather is suppose to be perfect.  There will e lots of parades, picnics, bar-b-ques, pool and  parties, trips to the zoo, yard games...well you get the idea...lots of fun with family and friends.

Here at do-over.me, while we're enjoying all those things, we're also focused on saying thank you for the freedoms we enjoy.  Today we are thankful for...

...the freedom of choice.  We can be whomever we want to me.  We can pursue whatever path we are drawn to.  We can create the our own best selves.

...the freedom of thought.  We can fill our minds and our hearts with the wisdom and wonder that we mos relate to.  We can read whatever books we want, listen to the music that stirs our souls, watch the films that make us laugh and cry.

...the freedom of action.  We can act in the ways that are most comfortable and meaningful for us.  We can be independent or part of a group.  We can lead or follow.

We are all blessed.  Remember to say thank you.