New, Hip and Relevant vs. Old, Boring and Obsolete

I was introduced to a new app on Tuesday!  I LOVE NEW things!!!  It's called CamCard!  (Thanks Kim Byrne!)  Its a FREE app that will scan a business card and then enter it into the contacts section of your phone!  What a great idea!  While it doesn't exactly eliminate the need for business cards, it certainly reduces the need.  And it streamlines the process of entering new data into your phone!

Why is this important?  I'm 63 years old, but I know and use technology like the kids!  Well, maybe not quite like them, but certainly close.  I am always interested in learning about new things. I have a growth mind set that keeps me open to new, different and often better ways of doing things.  You'll never heard me say, "Oh we've always done it that way" or "I don't want to change" or "I'm not interested in learning about that."  

My growth mind set guarantees that I will always be new, hip and relevant.  Better than the alternative.  What about you?