It's my birthday! Will you celebrate with me?

Hi, I'm Bella, the  Mom calls me that because she let me adopt her when I saw she was going through a really tough time and needed someone to love and someone to love her.  That's me.  But anyway, I digress.  Today is my birthday.  I'm 5 years old!  We're celebrating tonight with ice cream.  You should too, because ice cream is delicious and fun!

If you could stop by and say Happy Birthday, mom and I would both love to see you.  We're at a lot.  That's ok with me though, there's a comfy couch to nap on and mm keeps a pillow on her desk for me to nap there too.  There's always fresh water and other cool stuff she gets out of the refrigerator.  There's usually treats too! is a happy place.  Yes, sometimes people come by to see us that aren't so happy; they're scared and confused.  When I meet them, I wag my tail and give kisses and let them pet me.  Then they sit awhile and talk with mom.  When they leave, they are usually feeling much better and we often see them again.  I like that.  I like visitors more than just about anything, except maybe potato chips.  

So stop by soon to say Happy Birthday!