What others are saying about do-over.me

When I opened up this email today, it reaffirmed for me why the work that we do at do-over.me is so important.

"I’m glad he got in touch with you last week. He is definitely feeling better about himself now that he is working. We’re very proud of the changes he’s making for himself. His dad and I sincerely thank you and do-over.me for the consistent support you provided. It was invaluable and very therapeutic for him. He actually told me that you were more helpful than Dr. Rob (his clinical social worker)!
I happened to catch Cynthia Wade speaking to our local city council as she worked to spread the word about do-over.me.  I was struck by her confidence and persistence as she sought tangible support from council.  More than just impressed, I had a personal reason to be interested in the services of do-over.me. My 21-year old son who has a disability had been reeling from the loss of a job and lacked confidence and motivation to find another position. My son’s meetings with Cynthia were confidence-building and always ended with a Next Steps List to keep him on task. In addition to helping him prepare a resume, Cynthia regularly followed-up and stayed connected to make sure progress was being made. These supports and resources were what helped my son eventually get an interview and get hired for part-time work.  We are so grateful to Cynthia and her organization and plan to make use of other do-over.me resources in the future."