Wisdom from Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferazzi

Each month, do-over.me reads a current and trending book so that you don't have to.  We share the information contained in these books via a 4+ page outline and a twice monthly discussion.  At Lunch "N Learn on the second Wednesday of each month at 11:30 AM and then again at Drink 'N Think on the fourth Thursday at 6:00 PM. interested participants gather at our office on the east side of Geneva to learn about that month's book.  The beauty of this offering is that YOU don't have to have read the book to participate.

Reading and learning about current topics helps keep you relevant and interesting.  The exposure to new ideas not only stretches your mind, but also provides material to share with others in professional and personal situations.  We realize that everyone is busy and many don't have the time to read new books.  Now with Lunch 'N Learn and Drink 'N Think that doesn't have to mean that you are in the dark about current, trending concepts and ideas.

In May we discussed an updated classic, Never Eat Alone and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz.  This book is packed with east to follow ideas about creating a network of solid relationships.  It's a must read for everyone.  Here's just one of the highlights that I loved from the book.

Ferrazzi had the opportunity to attend a very exclusive business event called the Summit Series.  This annual event attracts notable billionaires like investor Peter Thiel.  These movers and shakers and trend makers have adopted the following code of conduct for all thei interactions.  I think it's one we could all benefit from adopting.

1.  Go on a learning safari.  Everyone has something to teach.  Everyone has something to learn.

2.  Build friendships.  The people around you are amazing.  Get to know them.

3.  Embrace synchronicity.  The unexpected moments are often the most meaningful.  Embrace them (And watch for news on our June book of the month, Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineers the Unexpected by Tania Luna and LeeAnn Renninger, Ph. D.)

4.  Show love.  Life is about the character of people, not their resumes.  

5.  Have fun.  If it's not fun, it doesn't count!