Using LinkedIn even if you're NOT job Hunting

LinkedIn is certainly the go to tool for business these days!  It can be used in a variety of different ways: to find a job, to find someone to fill a job; to seek advice or to offer advice; to join and participate in a community or to create your own specific community; to advertise your products and services or to learn about products and services; to mentor others or to find a mentor.  For pretty much anything business related, LinkedIn provide value.  With over 100 million registered users, LinkedIn provides the go to tool for building business relationships.

Using LinkedIn as a business tool is all about using it consistently whether you are job hunting or not.  In point of fact, the best time to be beefing up your LinkedIn profile is when you are happily employed.  This great new business tool is NOT just for those who are unemployed or otherwise looking.  It’s for everyone!

Here are just a couple of things you should be doing on LinkedIn, especially if you are not looking for a job.

  1. Creating your personal profile.  Let future employees know about you and your work by filling out your profile with detailed information on your current and past roles and responsibilities.
  2. Conducting research.  Learn about future clients, candidates and new colleagues by reviewing their on-line profiles.  Make sure you check to see what groups they are a part of and who are among their contacts.
  3. Showcase your expertise.  By posting, sharing and answering questions on LinkedIn, your contacts will begin to see you as the go to person for information on a particular topic.  You can position yourself as an expert by carefully choosing which questions to answer and how to answer them.
  4. Build relationships.  Choose to take on and mentor an up and coming young super-star.  Or reach out to an established authority in your chosen field and request that they become your mentor.  Even if the relationship remains totally on-line, it can provide benefit.