Your Resume 101

Your resume is the most important strategic marketing document that you have.  It should be designed to provide concise, clear information that will generate an invitation for an interview.

In spite of the massive amounts of information available, it is always a surprise how many candidates either don’t know this or don’t understand how to effectively translate it into reality.  Right now, here are numbers 10 to six of the top 10 things you didn’t know about your resume!

10. No photos please. That’s not the way contemporary resumes are viewed. However, make sure your best smiling, friendly photo graces your LinkedIn profile. People do like to look at other people.

9. Include contact information on every page! By including your name, cell phone, email address and pagination in the footer of every page except the first, you guarantee that however the resume breaks in their system, the contact information will be on both pages. You want them to be able to contact you, don’t you?

8. White space is a good thing! Many of the people who will be reading your resume would like to be able to do so without a magnifying glass. Make sure that the type is at least 12 point. Choose a font that is easy to read.  Save the fancy graphics for printed resumes only. Anything sent electronically should be as clean and spare as possible.  That usually means well planned white space. Max out at two pages.

7. Select associations count! No one cares if you are married, have three children, are in excellent health and enjoy tennis, backpacking and wine tasting. They do care if you are an Eagle Scout, have graduated from any of the military academies, have or had security clearance, went to college on a scholarship, worked and financed your own education, have published, own patents, or regularly speak at industry events.

6. Multiculturalism sells! If you are fluent in languages other than English, have lived and or worked abroad, highlight those experiences early in the resume. Even when the position does not require these skills, they speak to your maturity and ability to adapt successfully in different environments.

Watch from tips 1-5 coming to this space soon.