Your Resume 101 Continued

The top five things I bet you didn’t know about your resume!

5.  Your email address dates you!  Aol says you opened your account in the late ‘70s or early ‘80s.  Hotmail and Yahoo, from the late ‘90s or shortly after 2001.  Comcast, SBCGlobal and off brands, may suggest that you’re lazy or cheap.  By far the most accepted form of email domain is currently, Gmail.  It’s free.  If you aren’t using it, you should be.

4.  Who cares what your home phone is? The younger the candidate, the less likely they are to have a home phone.  In fact, they may have a cell with an area code that is not local and even unfamiliar.  That’s because it is their original cell phone number.  Don’t bother with any phone numbers on your resume, except your cell.  What?  You don’t have one?  Well, get one!

3.  Your college alma mater can move you to the top of the pile!  Some universities, sell better than others.  Across the country it’s Harvard, University of Chicago and Stanford.  In Chicago, add, Notre Dame, UW Madison, Northwestern and UIUC.  Do you know what the top schools are in your field, in your area?  You should.  And make sure if your degree is from there, it’s on the first page of your resume, right at the top, after your contact info.

2.  Include the link to your profile on LinkedIn!  LinkedIn is the go-to place for vetting candidates.  Make sure your profile highlights your strengths and accomplishments.  Include as many recommendations as possible.  Use the 360 degree approach sporting references from someone you worked for, someone who worked for you (if appropriate) and a colleague.

And 1.  Numbers count!  No not salary, at least not at this point in the process.  Pepper your resume with quantifiable statements of achievement that clearly illustrate the contributions that you have made in your career. These past successes are the clearest indicator of future success.  Toot your own horn with strong points of accomplishment that will differentiate you from the pack.