Before you quit

Continue to work, until you quit.  Don’t make the mistake of checking out mentally before you check out physically.  At the least you want a good reference.  At best, you don’t want to burn any bridges so that you can hold your head up high should you meet your boss or even your colleagues in another scenario.

Make sure the grass isn’t greener. Every job has good days and bad days.  Really think about what you are hoping to gain when you quit and the likelihood that you will realize that gain.  If the grass isn’t guaranteed to be greener, do you really want to leave?

Keep your mouth shut. Don’t let on to your boss or your co-worker about your plans.  Not only is it unprofessional, but it might get you booted before you are ready to exit.

Don’t look for a job on company time. Granted looking for a job is a full time job.  For now, think of it as your second job.  Use the time before and after work, or during your lunch hour to pursue and respond to ads and talk to potential employers.  Use PTO for interviews.

Give your employer the opportunity to make changes. Before making the final decision to leave the company, determine what it would take to get you to want to stay.  Have a frank conversation with you boss about the possibility of changing things.  If you are a valued employee, they are not going to want to lose you.  Perhaps they can change some things so that you feel more comfortable staying in your position.  Give them that chance.

Resign with dignityPrepare a written resignation notice that includes an acknowledgment of your gratitude for the opportunity they gave you.  Be concise in indicating that you have already made the decision to move on.  Thank your boss for the guidance that they have provided.  Offer at the least, the standard two weeks notice.  In some situation, more notice, if possible is appreciated.

Respect the commitments you have made. Whether to the old employer or the new, make sure that you honor the commitments that you make.  It is an investment in your career.  It’s a small world.  You don’t want the reputation of not living up to your commitments to follow you through it.

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