Are you a gold medal winning employee?

None of us are immune.  We all want to win the gold!  Just like the world’s best athletes who are currently competing in Korea, each of us is competing in our place of employment for the top prize.  We want to be recognized and rewarded.  We want to win the gold!

2018 Winter Olympics.png

Here are the top characteristics of gold medal winning employees.

1.     Everything is their job.  Gold medal winning employees understand that it takes an entire company to produce a great product or deliver a great service.  They are quick thinking, adaptive and willing to do whatever it takes to get it done, whatever it is, and even when it isn’t in their job description.

2.     They share in the rewards.  It doesn’t matter whose idea it was to a gold medal winning employee.  They share the praise when it is their idea.  They are wildly enthusiastic and filled with praise when the idea comes from another team member.  And their accolades are most often delivered in a public setting where their words carry the most weight.

3.     They speak their mind.  Gold medal employees have lots of ideas.  They are not afraid to share them appropriately.  Whether in a one on one conversation or in a team meeting, they trust that they views will be heard.  Knowing when and how to share their thoughts, they are not afraid of tackling difficult subjects.

4.  They are always pushing the envelope.  Towin in any endeavor, one must be prepared to go a little bit further, a little bit faster, a little bit better than everyone else.  The ability to push themselves past the point when others would quit is the mark of a gold medal winner.

5.     They are always tweaking.  Whether it’s the process, the workflow, the procedures, the presentation, the systems, the infrastructure, gold medal winner are always looking for small seemingly insignificant ways to improve and differentiate themselves and their work product from others.