She did it!

Kate Kaplan's Graduation from Columbia College, Chicago - May 15, 2016.

After 7-1/2 years, she did it. I couldn't be more proud. She started out at Waubonsee and then transferred to Herrington School of Design. Of course, not all the classes transferred. Then at the very end, with graduation in sight, Columbia bought Herrington and she had the option to transfer into their degree program. She took 4 on-line gen ed classes last summer to be able to do that. She actually finished up in December, but walked on Sunday.

Through out her whole college experience, she worked at least one and often two jobs. Of course, the job with Caitlin Hazelton was priceless. Not too many kids get to go to school and also work in their field. She now has a diploma and also four years of practical shooting experience and a portfolio of real life images. She is still working with Caitlin and also to build her own business. You can see her images at I think she's already showing lots of talent and will only get better.

She's healthy and happy and doing just great, I'm delighted with her choice of a partner. When she brought Trevor Fortin into the picture, it was a really good move. He loves her and supports her and he likes me, too. We have the Bears and the Cubs in common. That's a good thing. All in all, as she turns 25 this July, I am more than amazed at how she has grown into an amazing young woman. I am proud to be her mom and happy to be her friend.