Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary

do-over.me is celebrating our 2nd Anniversary today!  The past two years have been incredibly busy.  We have welcomed over 200 people into our offices at 1141 Commerce Drive in Geneva.  Some of these individuals have been clients; all are friends.  They have participated in a myriad of different workshops, book discussions, improv classes and other programming.  

We have served over 36 different adults as clients, supporting them as they navigate a new road forward after a significant life transition.  Many of those people have succeeded in reaching their goals. These are our flying PIGs and include, Mary E, Charlotte C, Alicia T, Mary Z, Paul G, Lisa S, Renae L, Dave B, John F, Camille S,  Jeff F, John M, Omar M, Michael G, and Kevin K.  Others are still working with us.  Every day they strive to move forward with joy and intention to their chosen goal utilizing many of the different supports that do-over.me offers.

do-over.me is a cutting edge concept.  We supply support to adults in transition that includes the development of both hard and soft skills.  This is a safe space where individuals can find the tools that they need to succeed - however they define success.

Transitions are left deliberately vague because they can include career changes, health scares, divorce, death, empty nesting, even something as simple as transitioning from who you are today, to who you want to be tomorrow.  The truth is that we are all growing and changing.  do-over.me actively promotes the growth mindset that we all should adopt to be the very best we can be,

Take a minute to visit our web site, especially our calendar.  We have many interesting programs coming up.  Which one is of interest to you?  Pick one and stop over to experience the exciting and ever evolving world of do-over.me 

We will end our second year, as we did our first, in the black.  Not much in the black, but at least in the black.  That is because of the continuing support of the community.  Every donation, however small helps.  You can donate on line by clicking here.

Thank you for your continued support.  Stop by to see us soon.