March Madness and Your Job Search

I love March Madness.  I love the intensity and passion of this short season.  Everyone involved, the coaches, the players, the broadcasters and the fans are all 100%+ invested in their team.  It's heartbreaking to watch any team go down, especially when it totally messes up your bracket.  It's also hard not to root for the underdogs and be happy for them when they take on the big dogs and win.

Your job search is like March Madness.  It's the time when you are competing against the best of the best.  You better bring your "A" game to every round if you expect to advance and be crowned National Champion.  If you want the job, you need to make sure that you are optimizing all your talents and exerting your very best efforts.

Take some time to review your game plan.

Does your LinkedIn profile clearly depict the professional network that you move in?  Does it include solid recommendations from colleagues and clients?

Does your resume highlight your strengths and showcase the quantifiable accomplishments that you have achieved?

Is your professional presence top-notch and reflect you energy and enthusiasm?

Are you interview skills polished and doethey include stories that will clearly show the contribution you can make to the company?

It's time to fine tune all those parts of your game if you want to dance on April 4 in Houston, Texas.