Comfort Zone Crushers! YOUR Friday Night Excitement!

Friday, February 5 from 5:30 - 7:00 PM

Life begins outside of your comfort zone.  We've all heard that a million times.  What does it really mean?

At we recognize that to get different results we need to take different actions. We also know that change is hard.  Most of us are content to keep doing the same ole' thing, hoping that one day we'll get a different result.  That's not the way it usually works.

By regularly practicing stepping out of our comfort zones, change does become easier.  We exercise our mental muscles and find that when we are faced with options that involve new choices, they aren't so scary and difficult to make.

During this workshop will we participate in small exercises where we put ourselves in situations that make us uncomfortable. By doing this over and over again we will begin to overcome certain fears and become better at dealing with fear in general.

In this on-going monthly class, we tackle a new comfort zone crusher every month.  We'll build up that mental muscle and soon become experts  at stepping out of our comfort zones and eagerly facing new opportunities.

This is a Mental Muscle action-oriented exercise class. 

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