A reminder - You and Your Email Address

Your email address dates you!

Aol says you opened your account in the late ‘70s or early ‘80s.  Hotmail and Yahoo, from the late ‘90s.  Comcast, SBCGlobal and off brands, may suggest that you’re lazy or cheap.  By far the most accepted form of email domain is currently, Gmail.  It’s free.  If you aren’t using it, you should be.

Or perhaps consider the email addresses of the future.  Have you check out iCloud.com?  or better yet, YourName@YourName.com?

In addition...

Please make sure that the beginning portion of your email address is concise and professional.  No cutesy names or old college references, please.  Your name.  Your initials.  That's all you need.  And if you have a common name and are forced to add something to differentiate you, please resist the temptation to add the numbers that would indicate the year of your birth.  Try a middle initial or even spelling out the entire middle name rather than using numbers at the end of your moniker.