Dressing for Success

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We are all aware of the basics.  We need a good education, solid experience, a resume and LinkedIn profile that showcase both.  We need good telephone presence to ace the screening interview.

Do you make the right impression in the first 15 second of the interview?  Those critical second are when the first impression is made.  As the old saying goes, "We never get a second chance to make a first impression."

That first impression is made almost entirely on the way you look.  Not fair, perhaps, but true.  Here's some basics to consider.

1.  Take a look in a full length mirror before walking out the door.  Make sure that your clothes are clean and perfectly pressed.  Replace missing buttons or falling down hems.  tailored clothes are an important investment is always looking your best.

2.  Pay attention to hair and nails.  Both should be clean and well-groomed.  A fresh haircut/style and business professional nails, for men and women is critical.  Attention to detail in your appearance will translate into your job skills.

3.  Be careful with scents - either cologne or aftershave.  Some people are very sensitive and you don't want to leave the hiring authority overwhelmed by your fragrance.  Better to err on the side of none at all

4.  Accessories are an opportunity to show a little personality and also that you are always prepared.  Carrying a good pen and portfolio will make a subtle but lasting impression.

5.  Don't forget your shoes.  Ladies, save the 3"+ heels for evening.  Gentlemen, leather shoes are a must.  For both genders, make sure that your shoes are clean, polished and don't show signs of wear.

As the candidate, you should always be the best dressed person in the room.  When you run the company, then you can wear your jeans and gym shoes.  Until then, dress to the level that you aspire to.

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