12 Songs of Christmas - December 13 - It's beginning

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”…  A classic by Bing Crosby.


I love music.  And I love Christmas, so it’s no surprise that I love Christmas songs.  I love the words and the melodies and the special memories that they can evoke.  This is the fourth consecutive year that I have decided to share a special musical gift with all of you – a few of my favorite holiday songs.

It is always tough to choose.  Sometimes the choices are based on YouTube availability, but each and every one is special to me.  If you take the time to open your heart and listen closely, you may find that they can be special to you too.

I hope that you enjoy them all.  I hope that you enjoy this season of light and love.  I hope that you share wonderful moments that will create special memories for you.

I am blessed!  You are too!