12 Songs of Christmas - December 18, 2016 In Honor of Vero, my brown eyed daughter by a different mother

Felice Navidadhttp://youtu.be/nOeDVgiO3M4

In August 2008, my life changed.  Kate and I drove to O’Hare to pick up Veronica Castro Lopez – Vero.  She was a beautiful 18-year-old young woman from Puebla, Mexico.  She was a Rotary exchange student coming to live in America for a year.  She came home to live with Kate and me.  She stayed in our home for five month.  She will stay in our hearts and our lives forever.  Having Vero come into our lives was one of the best things I have ever done with my life.  Vero is my daughter.  She is Kate’s sister.  We are family.

Vero and her mom and dad and two brothers have visited Geneva for the holidays.  Vero wanted her family of origin to experience all the wonders she experienced when she was here in Geneva with her American family.  I’m not sure that we  provided them all those experiences, but I am sure that we provided them with the most important experience – the love of family, regardless of where it is found or how it is defined.

I have a new sister and brother and two new sons.  I have a Mexican family.