Your 2016 Happiness Jar

From Elizabeth Gilbert.

"If you're looking for one new ritual to begin in 2016 that might change your life in a huge way, may I suggest starting the practice of a HAPPINESS JAR? It's the easiest thing in the world: Every day, write down the happiest moment of your day and put it in a container. Done and done. I've been doing this for over 10 years, and I think it might be the most important spiritual practice my life.You will be amazed by what you learn about where small moments of happiness are to be found in your life. You will be amazed to discover that moments of happiness can be found even in episodes of sorrow. And you will be amazed at how insignificant these tiny moments seem… Till they start adding up.. It's a joy over the years to see that jar filling up with tiny scraps of evidence that perhaps life isn't all darkness and struggle, after all. Give yourself this's a wonderful way to bear witness to the almost invisible thread of grace that weaves through your own life. Why not start today?"