I'm going to be on WGN!!! Sunday, September 13 on Rick Kogan's Late Night Show

From the beginning, as I dreamed about creating do-over.me, one of my goals was to appear on WGN radio.  As an avid listener, I understand and appreciate the power of the Chicago based station.  I hoped for the opportunity to tell the story of do-over.me, how and why it was founded and more importantly, the stories of the many people we are supporting while they are doing-over their lives.

Now, I am pleased to say that PIGS fly and dreams really do come true!!!

One week from today, Sunday, September 13 I will join Rick Kogan a long time Chicago area newspaperman and journalist on his After Hours Show on WGN - 720 AM.  I am scheduled for the 10:00 PM CST segment.  We will be talking about do-over.me.  (This really is a dream come true.  I can't tell you how long I have listened to him on the radio and read his columns.  Now I'm actually meeting him face to face to share my passion!!!  WOW!!!)

It is my hope that we will not only reach, I'm certain we will do that, but more so, that the understanding of do-over.me and the important support that we provide for adults in transition will seep into the collective consciousness of the audience and that on Monday morning the phone will be ringing off the hook and the email will be filled with requests for more information.  I want to message to go out high and wide that we are here and that we will help!!!

Of course if there were some volunteers and donors among those reaching out, that would be great too. 

So share the news with everyone you know!  Listen in!!!  Call in!!!  Let me know what you think!!!