I'm feeling the fear! I'm doing it anyway!

I'm practicing what I preach over the next few days.  Walking, head held high, straight into two new situations that cause some amounts of anxiety simply because they are things I've never done before and also because well, I'd have to be totally crazy to not be at least a little apprehensive.  These things are a big deal people!

#1 - Tomorrow, Sunday, September 13 at 10:00 PM I will be down at the Tribune Tower on North Michigan Avenue in the studios of WGN Radio - 720 AM.  I will be interviewed by one of my real life crushes, Rick Kogan, long time, revered journalist in the Chicago news market.  As a writer and an interviewer, Rick has met with a lot of very famous and very influential people.  Tomorrow, Rick gets to meet with me!

#2 - On Wednesday, September 16 at sometime after 7:00 PM, I will walk on the stage at General Assembly Chicago at 123 East Illinois Street in Chicago to be a last minute replacement speaker for 99U Local Chicago.   I'll be taking the stage with Susan Messing.  Yes, that Susan Messing.  Attendees will be expecting to hear a best selling author share their experiences about embracing the unpredictable and engineering the unexpected.  Instead, they'll get me, unexpected and unpredictable.

Wow!  How did this happen?  Simple. Well, not really, but I do know the answer..  I've been affirming these desires into the universe for a very long time, believing all the while that they were in deed on there way to me even though off my radar screen and even as I moved forward each day taking steps on my own to make these dreams come true.