An important, often overlooked activity that will help you while transitioning

Volunteer.  Yes, volunteer.

"During a long season of unemployment, it's not uncommon to feel you've lost your sense of purpose.  You're no longer expected to be somewhere each day and you have no tasks to troubleshoot, so you might find it hard to stay motivated and confident in your job search.

Keep you mind fresh and stimulated by volunteering.  Though it doesn't pay, you'll receive all the mental and social benefits of working.  Plus you'll encounter plenty of people who have jobs with whom you can network.  These social interactions and meaningful work will help keep your spirits high and help fight unemployment depression."*

And I guarantee, when all is said and done you will find that even though unemployed, you have much to be grateful for.

*Courtesy of Val Matta for Brazen Careerist, from the Chicago Tribune, August 30, 2015