Creating Your Masterpiece

"There is no date stamp on creativity.  Our masterpieces may be yet to come."

Diana Nyad, Julia Child.Kurt Warner. Anna Mary Robertson Moses. Ray Kroc, Thomas Edison, George Burns, Picasso, Henry Ford, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Col. Hartland Sanders.  (For more Information on these and other late bloomers.) have at least one thing in common - they all got a late start in birthing their dream.

Did you know that Col. Hartland Sanders founded the fast food franchise that bears his name at age 65 with his first social security check?  Or that Ford started the assembly line at age 60?  Kroc started McDonald's at age 59.  These individuals and countless more never gave up and pursued their dreams with the energy and enthusiasm of youth well into mid and later life.  

All it really takes to create a masterpiece is determination and hard work.  You have to be willing to try and fail, try and fail and try and fail, as many times as necessary until you try and succeed.

Life goes on. Days pass.  We age regardless of what else is happening in our lives.  What is your dream?  Your masterpiece?  Are you working on it now?