It's National Dog's Day!

Every day is dog's day at; well specifically Bella's Day.

Bella is a four-year old West Highland Terrier.  I call her my because she played an instrumental role in my do-over.  I adopted Bella in the fall of 2013 when my daughter Kate moved out and I became an empty nester.  It was just too quiet.  There was no one to talk to; no one to cuddle up with; no one to love.   So beautiful, brown eyed Bella came into my life and saved me from myself.  She makes me laugh.  She makes me smile.  She make me get out from some fresh air every day.  She loves me unconditionally and is always happy to see me.

Bella spend most of her days with me here at  She's become a great "unofficial therapy" dog. She makes everyone smile.  She has "westattitude."  She is also cuddly and loves to sit near you or on your lap, allowing you to pet her, while we talk.  She calms down lots of scared and anxious people.

Bella is the mascot of!  Stop by sometime to meet her.  Don't forget to bring a treat, although she'll love you either way.