Reinvention as Carer Management - Lesson 1

The world has changed.  Have you changed?

This past recession has wrecked havoc in previously stable lives all across the world.  It hit hard among middle-aged people who were at the point in their careers where they were beginning to think about retirement.  Lives have changed dramatically.  In some cases, retirement has been pushed out a few years; in others it is currently, completely off the table.  Issues like mortgage payments, college tuition and health insurance have taken center stage.

Yes, it's hard.  Yes, it's takes work.  But you can survive and even thrive.  To do that, you might have to reinvent yourself.  Are you prepared to do that? can help.  We were created to support people in transition, people who by choice or chance are reinventing their lives.  Even going into it voluntarily with your eyes wide open, it can be challenging.  That's ok.  We're here to help.  Check us out.  Read other blog entries.  Visit the book page and see what we are recommending.  Review the calendar and plan to attend a coming event.  Or just pick up the phone to talk.  

We can help.  Reach out.  You won't be disappointed.