Words of Wisdom shared by Al Ritter

Al Ritter joined us yesterday at It's Just Coffee Noon Networking.  He shared his experiences of the recent Global Leadership Summit that was held at Willow Creek.  WOW!  What a gift!  Al took great notes and was able to share some many of the highlights of the presentations of each and every speaker.  Yes, all 13 of them.

There were several themes that seemed to run through the presentations.  

Pastor Bill Hybels spoke about the 5 Keys of Leadership - Grit, Self-Awareness, Resourcefulness, Self-sacrificing Love and The Why or the Passion that drives you.  

Here's some of my thoughts after hearing the wisdom that all shared.  Not in any particular order. 

  • Help others.  Self-sacrificing love is always of primary importance.  
  • Make sure that my commitment is to supporting the lives of others. 
  • Connect to others with emotion, especially through stories.
  • Be willing to fail, understanding that failure is a necessary part of success.
  • Ask for feedback and evaluations from others because it's likely that I have blind spots about myself.  If I really want to grow, I need caring colleagues who are willing to share what they see.
  • Understand that sometimes service is as simple as being kind.
  • Remember the difference between learning and knowing.
  • Shorten the gap between knowing and doing.

Brene Brown has a new book coming out very soon called Rising Strong.  We'll be reviewing it here at do-over.me, so watch for more information to come.

It's Just Coffee Noon Networking is really a powerful option to not only meet and connect with new people, but also to be exposed to new information; information like Al shared yesterday.  It's FREE and it happens once a month on the second Wednesday from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, right here at do-over.me.

The next meeting is Wednesday, September 9.  Why don't you put it on your calendar right now!  We'd love to have you join us.