What the Blackhawks' latest Stanley Cup Winning Season Can Teach Us About Life

Like most everyone here in Chicago, the past weeks have been filled with the Blackhawks' run for their third Stanley Cup in just six years.  It's been quite a ride.  The Hawks and the teams they played on the way to their final win earning them the CUP, certainly provided us with high-charged energy and fast paced entertainment.  This series was, for me, an example of all the best that there is in a professional sports competition.  In each series the teams were well matched with no games being anywhere near a blow out.  This road to the 2015 Stanley Cup served up the best of the best; highly talented young men at the top of their game with a keen desire to play the game that they love on the world's biggest stage.  It was sheer pleasure to watch.  

Most fans of the game, even those that are fair weather fans and only watch at this time of the year, know that there is a noble tradition in hockey that we don't see in other team sports.  When the series is concluded and a winner is determined, the each team forms a line and they shake hands with each and every member of the opposing team.  I really like that tradition,  In this year's series more than most, the team were well matched and the outcomes were decided by only the slimmest of margins  The losers truly deserve recognition for their talent and high level of competition.

The Blackhawks Organization, especially the players and the coaches during this 2015 season, especially these last weeks on their run to Lord Stanley's trophy also should be held out for the incredible life lessons that they taught us on this incredible journey.  These are a few of the thoughts that came to mind.

Patience.  All things in time.


Learn from your mistakes so you don't make them again.

Don't make excuses.

Focus on NOW.

Lead by example.

Empower others to lead.

Always show up and play your game.

Remember that it takes a team.

Play your position.

Trust each other.

Stand together.  Fall together.

Take one step at a time.

Step out of your comfort zone to take it to a new level.

Don't get ahead of yourself.

Never give up.

Believe in yourself, in each other and in the team.

Remember it's not over until it's over.

Include your family, friends and fans in the journey.

Say thank you.


Thank you to everyone in the Blackhawks organization.  It was an amazing ride.