Features and Benefits

Whether you are a candidate for a job selling yourself or a marketing/sales person selling a product or a service, it's critical to understand the difference between features and benefits.

A feature may pique  someone's interest, but a benefit will make someone buy.  A benefit makes someone buy because it clearly provides a tangible benefit to the buyer.

Earning your Engineering degree, for example, is a feature on your resume.  Having your Professional engineering Certification is a benefit because it allows you to legally sign off on engineering proposals, plans and other documents.

A clock on a phone can be either a feature or a benefit depending on how you present it.  If you are listing qualities and characteristics of a phone, a clock is a feature.  If you are explaining how the clock on your phone functions as a watch, an alarm, a stop watch, and timer, then it's a benefit.

Remembering to highlight "what's in it for them" or a clear benefit will make your presentations  much more successful.

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