*Oh no, it's Monday

It's Friday afternoon and everyone is watching the clock; waiting for the minutes to tick by before being able to reasonably exit the office and move into the weekend!  Here's a couple of ideas from Kevin Baum to help you coast through the Friday afternoon downtime and into Monday morning productivity...the fun weekend between is up to you!  I've focused on just three of Kevin's seven. Do something different. Reflect for a few moments on your usual weekly routine. Make a list of your typical distractions, the habits and stressors that keep you from starting the workweek with a bang. This can be anything from "chatting about the weekend over coffee with officemates" to "reading the accumulated junk e-mail on my laptop" or "hiding from your boss or colleagues." Make a list, then write down what you will do instead. Create a new routine that's uplifting and energizing. Put it where you will see it first thing Monday morning.

Plan your tomorrows.  If you feel you simply can't push any more paper for your company today, put on some inspiring music and spend a little time writing some thoughts about your current career and life. Do you know where you want to be in five years? Make some notes and take them with you to consider over the weekend. When you come back Monday, you may have some needed clarity that can help you decide how to spend your week--or whether it is time to start looking for new opportunities.

Show some gratitude. Plan to show someone your appreciation. Pick someone in your office who has been extra helpful this week, done a fantastic job on a project, gone above and beyond, or been everyone's ray of sunshine. Plan something special such as a thoughtfully worded thank you e-mail, a small bunch of flowers, or a gift card to their favorite coffee place. Execute your gesture of gratitude after you arrive Monday morning. You'll be excited all weekend about making that person's week start out with a bang!

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