You are Enough

By Reverend Chip Rousch –opening words at First Unitarian Church of South Bend, April 19, 2015

You are enough.
Though perhaps beaten-down, exhausted, lonely, distracted,
overwhelmed by life’s relentless complexities,
you are enough.

You *are* enough.
You may be behind in your bill payments,
and ahead in your calorie intake;
you may owe handwritten letters to a half-dozen friends;
your bathroom may be messy
and your kitchen even worse—
whatever the reasons
that you feel inadequate
or sorry
or wrong,
you are still enough.

The Spirit of Life
which is pushing green buds through bare branches,
which has produced blossoms
from stalks where two weeks ago were nothing but hard ground—
that Spirit of Life exists within you, too.

Even if you are deeply grieving, this morning,
awash in memory and mourning,
we wish you peace…
may you eventually remember
that you are enough.

We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all persons.
You do not have to earn your worth—
you cannot earn your worth,
because you are already enough.

No matter what our troubles,
whether or not we notice it,
the universe is filled with love.

The universe is full of love,
showering us with it, every moment,
and that love is not only outside of us.
We, too, are filled with love.
The instant we remember that fact,
we regain access
to the care, courage and compassion
that is our human birthright.

There is pain, yes.
Each of us knows suffering of a thousand kinds.
And amidst it all, we are held in love.
We are held in love and we have love to give,
to hold and heal others around us.

Turn to a neighbor and tell them, ‘you are enough.’

You are enough;
and you are not enough.
You are not enough to save the world by yourself.
You are not enough
to save your family by yourself.
You are not enough
to blame yourself for every failure or transgression.

You are absolutely enough
to fulfill your Tao,
to do what God has planned for you,
to live out your best human potential.

You are enough
to sit with others who are themselves enough
and be together enough
for our aching and sparkling planet.

For the next sixty minutes,
and for the rest of our lives,
may we truly feel
the pulse of Life
evolving through us.

So may we be.”

–opening words at First Unitarian Church of South Bend, April 19, 2015