Celebrating National Volunteer Week

Thank you to the many individuals who graciously donated their time, talents and treasures to do-over.me in our first year.  Along with the clients we have served, we say thank you.

We recognize the contributions of Our Board: Brad Lipman, Treasurer, Kathy Kremen Underwood, Secretary, Natasha Kiefer, Member-at-Large, and George Tattersfield, President Emeritus

Our many donors and supporters (in no particular order):  Bill Russell, Gail Tattersfield, Richard Oberbruener, Jennifer Leisner, Fran Zollers, Don Cummings, Michele Barker, Brenda and John Fredrick, Michele and Scott Kornhauser, Jaimie Guiterrez, Paula Yensen, Lesley Ronson Brown, Vickie Austin, Al Ritter, Ben Ruhlig, Kimberly Gothes, Steve and Alison Murphy, Jim Esposito, Carol Wicklander, Andrea Schmidlin, Julie Borst, Diane Kremen, Keith and Jean Eakins, Roger Breisch, Kim Gannon, Jo Koenig, and Steve Cohen.  The Shodeen Family Foundation.  Kate Kaplan and Trevor Fortin