Reinvent Your Career Now - Here's Why

Sharing a LinkedIn post from my colleague Jan Marino, CEO of High Gain Co., Corporate Reinventionist, TV & Radio Host, Author, Blogger, Artist.

"Career reinvent should be an ongoing process. It isn’t. Humans don’t like change or to even think about change so preparing for a career change rates right up there with living wills. Planning won’t happen until it’s positively necessary. Usually by that time, it’s too late.

So, where do you start the reinvention process? Start with what you want and if you don’t know what you want….start with what you don’t want and work into what you by process of elimination. Make a list of your top 25 accomplishments. This exercise helps you recognize your contributions and does wonders for your confidence. It also sheds light on where you really shine and reminds you of what you do well. If you’re like most professionals, your day is spent in automatic pilot and zoning out at meetings and endless phone calls. Every so often you want to stop and focus on where you are and where you’re going. YOU are in control of your life and your career….aren’t you? Think about this question very carefully because if you’re not in control, who is? If you’ve turned your fate over to your employer you’re in for a big surprise. It doesn’t matter how hard or how long you’re worked…when you’re number’s up you’re gone.

This may sound very harsh….it’s meant to be. Please wake up and know that career reinvention is a must for all of us. Being proactive about your value and skills is your responsibility. You really don’t want to be that 50+ person who gets laid off and can’t get another job. You want to be in demand and valuable and you can be this person…start today"