I Dare You - March 3, 2015 - Do one thing different

Are you still with me?  I know I said 30 days, but this is kinda' fun, right?

March in Chicago.  It usually comes in like a lion and often goes out the same way.  The lamb does usually arrive until sometime in April, often late April.  No matter.  We can see spring in our mind's eye and in March we begin to anticipate.  Personally, I think anticipation is a much overlooked part of pleasure.

There are many pleasures that even March may bring...although you must be watchful.  How about

  • the beautiful spring bulb gardens that are now available for purchase?  Someone else did the work of nurturing them so that you can enjoy their beauty and fragrance.
  • St. Patrick's Day!  Do you really need an excuse to wear green, collect kisses and drink beer?
  • NCAA March Madness is gearing up!  My second favorite sports season.
  • Observe the Vernal Equinox on March 21 - officially the first day of spring.
  • Start sowing your seeds indoors to be ready to go when spring does arrive.

Whatever you choose to do, stop a moment to say thank you for the opportunity.