Tips to grow your Confidence and ensure your Success

"I had a lot of issues that made it challenging to get here today, but I'm so glad I did."  Joani F

"excellent speaker, very personable" - Anne C

"'learned a lot and very happy I attended" - Cheryl B

"Helpful to know that women need to approac negotiation differently than men.  Profession and well done." - Jan S

These are just a few of the comments from some of the women who participated in the workshop, Negotiating for Yourself at yesterday.  Dr. Maurine Patten lead a lively and informative interactive session that included practical tips on growing your confidence and ensuring your success.  

Who knew that we should be naming our inner critics?  You know...that little voice coming from the back of your head telling you exactly why you shouldn't do something.  Well that little voice is designed to protect us, so we do need to listen.  We just don't have to choose to take her advice.  Brat! was one suggestion.  What would you choose?

Who knew that if we negotiate on behalf of a group, i.e. or colleagues or co-workers, that we usually are more successful?  Women are by nature collaborative and gain power and confidence when representing a group.

Who knew that praise can stall progress just like criticism?  Who knew that there are actually more important things than praise?  Do you know what YOU value more?

Well, Maurine knew the answers to all these questions and shared them with us yesterday.  

Watch for more learning opportunities presented by by checking our calendar frequently.  Are you planning on attending the presentation about The Confidence Code?  You should be because after, all. don't you want to be in the know?