musings on money, worrying and the outcome

People can work themselves into a stew and not do simple things that could give them a sense of control.”
— Psychologist Lynn Bufka

In Sunday's Chicago Tribune Business Section, Gail MarksJarvis shared this insight - A recent survey by the American Psychological Association says that 64% of adult say that money worries are a significant source of stress for them.  I believe it.  I see it every day.  At we support people in transition and many of those transitions involve work and work involves money.

In spite of the fact that the economy, by most significant measures is stabilizing, it is still not growing in the way that can offer solid employment for everyone who wants to work.  Especially for older adults for whom their most recent job experience is no longer viable or for young adults without any significant experience, the job market is still very stingy.  There are just not the same kinds of jobs as there were or even as many options for jobs as existed prior to this most recent recession.  

at we believe that the best is yet to come.  We support people as they navigate through challenging life transitions.  There are things that we can do to to give people back a sense of control and begin to understand and accept a new kind of normal.  If you need help, or if you know someone that needs help, please visit our web site at or call me directly at 630-402-0429.  We can help.