Fran Tarkenton on The Power of Failure

I've been a fan of the NFL when there was still an AFL.  I remember Fran Tarkenton and his band of "purple people eaters" and how they terrorized the Bears during the 60s when I first started watching football with my dad.  He and Roger Staubach were my favorites for a long time.  Both class acts on the field and off.

Tarkenton's new book was a fast and easy read filled with reminiscing about the good ole' days and also with great honesty about the mistakes and failures in football, in business and in life that have taught him way more that all his success ever did.  I picked it up and plowed right through like Tarkenton did after a Mick Tingelhoff block.  The dust cover notes and the chapter titles got my blood flowing.

Jeff Bell, CEO of Legalshield says that "Tarkenton creates a motivating paradigm for entrepreneurs by showing that 'fail fast, fail cheep, succeed faster is a mind-set as well as a practical and necessary approach to business."

"Read this book and join the failure revolution - let the F-word set you free!" says Michael Pires CEO, HR411

"The Peril of Positive Thinking," Break Some Eggs," and "Work, Learn, Innovate, Execute" were my favorite chapter titles.

This little gem of a book is a fascinating perspective on failure and success by Fran Tarkenton, a Hall of Famer who enjoyed a successful 18 year career in the NFL and then went on to have an equally successful business career.