Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way by Bruce Rosenstein

This 2014 book was written by Drucker scholar and author, Bruce Rosenstein.  It incorporates Drucker's time-tested principles into a step-by-step daily plan that can change your life.

Peter Drucker, known as "the father of modern management" had a unique way of looking at the world; the world here and now and the world of the future.  He left us clues to his thoughts that this author has read and reviewed, attempted to understand and then shared in this book.

With a future more uncertain that ever, it's important for all of us to have as strong a handle on our own ability to shape our future as possible.  With Rosenstein's help, we can create a Future file that holds the resources that will help us now and as we move into the ever-changing future.  The book concludes with several pages of online resources which are very valuable in helping to understand and plan your future.  Peppered throughout the book, are quotes from Druckerwhich provide opportunity for thoughtful reflection.  Each chapter ends with a review and checklist of suggested activities that will support understanding and planning your future.

This book is a hands-on guide meant to be used and then used again and again on a continuous journey of growth.  Here's some of my favorite bits of info from each chapter.  All quotes are Drucker's.

               Create a Future-Focused Mindset

The future is filled with roles for "knowledge workers", people who depend on their brains rather than their brawn for their daily job.   Future work will center on the application of knowledge.

"It is the very nature of knowledge that it changes fast and that today's certainties will be tomorrow's absurdities."

"Without systemic and purposeful abandonment, an organization will be overtaken by events."

Note current attitudes and goals, both personal and profession in a Creating the Future file.  Continuous review, reflect and adapt.

Determine the Future that has Already Happened

We must learn to see what has happened and what is happening as the future unfolding before us.  We must learn to use this information to prepare ourselves most effectively for the future.  There is more on the radar, than what we can see.  We must learn to anticipate what is currently off our screens and ready to pop on.  We must learn to observe carefully and note what is there, but invisible to others.

"To make the future demands courage."

We must learn to use the many different tools that are available to use to catch glimpses of the future.  Look at the outliers; those that are ahead of the curve.

Consider joining or starting a group focused on future related discussions.

Become Your Own Successor

Stay relevant.


Develop a personal brand

Adopt a global vision and a local approach.

Produce a consistent and impressive body of work that benefits others.

Adopt a future mind.

"One can never be sure hat the knowledge worker is thinks - and yet thinking is his specific work; it is his 'doing.'"

Use mindfulness as a tool to do better work in a areas of your life.

Shape the Future of Your Organization

Shaping the future requires constant though and action to move an organization and its people from here to there.

"The most seemingly effective business of today is a sham and a failure if it does not create it s own and different tomorrow."

"It is precisely because everything is in flux that now is the time for action."

"The first policy - and the foundation for all others - is to abandon yesterday."

Understand change.  Be a change leader.  Nothing is permanent.  Take nothing for granted and be prepared to free up today's resources to something different to yield better results tomorrow.

Learn to see what's visible, but not yet seen.

Embrace innovation.

Learn to provide stability amid the constant sea of change.

Practice exercises of systemic abandonment.

Build Your Future Beyond Your Current Workplace

Cultivate an inner life which will allow you to understand yourself and others in all aspects of life - personal and professional.

Embrace meaning and personal responsibility.

Ask yourself:  How do I want to be remembered?  What gift can I leave behind that will enrich the lives of the unborn?

Redefine retirement.

Ask yourself what you have to give.

Your Future Begins Today