New Year, New You - January 14, 2015

Almost the middle of the month...Have you broken the resolutions you made yet?  Have you made any?  Stressing?  No?  Good.  Every day is a good day to begin.  Every day provides a fresh opportunity to recommit.  And, that's really the best way to approach your commitments.  Start fresh each morning with a statement of intention to recommit to what ever it is that is most important to you.  Whether your partner, your career, a friend, volunteer project...stating out loud your intention to commit will help focus you ad keep you on track for at least that day.  Take it day by day and each day becomes the beginning of a new year and a new you.

At, our work is focused on support people in transition.  We are constantly adding new workshops and programs that are designed to offer guidance and practical support.  Our newest offering is Unpacking Your Tool Kit - Job Hunting Edition, scheduled for Tuesday, January 27.  Check our calendar for details about this other events we are offering.