Why You Can't Find a Job AND What You Can Do About It

"Studies show that 66% of Americans hate their jobs.  They despise their bosses, bemoan their working conditions, and feel like they're not making a difference in the world.  On top of this, they're frustrated by a dream that's never been realized.  In a recent survey, UPS found that 48% of Americans dream of starting a small business.

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"And, it's not just because people are becoming more entrepreneurial.  It's because there aren't enough jobs to go around.  According to Gallup polls, 3 billion people in the world say they want to work, but there are only about 1.2 billion full-time, formal jobs.  In other words, there are 1.8 billion more people than jobs in the world.  

"In the United States, the Bureau of Labor statistics reports that 12.7 million people remain unemployed, while only 3.5 million job openings exist."

From Dream Year:  Make the Leap from a Job you Hate to a Life You Love by Ben Arment*

At do-over.me we can help you to identify, clarify and move toward YOUR Plan B.  If you've been looking for a job for 6 months of more without success you

  1. Need to take a hard look at your resume and LinkedIn profile,
  2. Need to understand what "finding a job looks like in today's world,
  3. OR you need to move on to Plan B

Sometimes through no fault of your own, you don't get what you want.  How can you move forward to career success by pivoting a slightly different goal that will still provide the meaning that you are looking for in a job?  do-over.me can show you how, 

*Dream Year was a book of the month at do-over.me.  This month we are featuring How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who Still Don't now What They Want to Do When They Grow Up.  For more information on our recommended book, click here.