Asking for Help

It's the only way that I know of getting what you want and/or need. needs your help.  We are a very young NFP.  We filed with the state on March 24 and received our official 501(C)(3) status on July 9.  During the past five months, we have devoted endless hours and many of our own dollars to help to get up and running. 

We are already supporting seven people who have requested assistance and even had our first success story.  We are actively looking for space so we can expand our calendar of programming.  As the word gets out about who we are and what we do, is growing. And we haven't officially launched.

We're in a quandry.  We need operating funds now.  We need to pay for business insurance, phone, internet, web hosting, paper and ink for handouts . . . so many different things.  While gifts and grants from philanthropic groups will ultimately come in to support our work, that takes time.  And the need is now.

Will you join us and help?

Every donation, however small will make a difference in our success.  $10 will buy a package of copier paper; $25 an ink cartridge.  $50 will pay for half the phone bill and $100 the internet for a month.  Small donations will add up quickly if everyone participates.

You can donate now.  Please take a minute to do so.  

Thank you, in advance for your generous donation.  We appreciate each and every one of you.