Prayer.  It's a powerful word that packs inside it, meanings and definitions that are as unique as the individual using the word.  As a born and bred Roman Catholic, I have a history with prayer that goes back to my infancy.  People in my life were praying for me before I even began to create my meaning of the word.

Growing up and as a young woman, I never had a rich prayer life.  When my first marriage ended in divorce and then an annulment, I severed my relationship with the Catholic church.    As I explored alternative paths, I found that although I believed in a higher power, a force greater than myself,  it was difficult for me to believe in a God that would send his only son to be sacrificed and die for the sins of millions of his "other" children.  But, that's a whole different post.

Today I wanted to share about my relationship with prayer.  It began with a strong, intuitive understanding of the prayer of  Meister Eckhart who said, "If the only prayer you ever said was thank you, that would suffice."  When times are tough, and like you, I have experienced many of those times, I force myself to concentrate on all that I do have.  I recognize and appreciate all in my life that I have and say thank you for all that I am and for each and every person, experience, and thing that I have. 

Through the years, I have developed personal prayers; words that have a unique and special meaning for me.   I have found that putting these short prayers on my daily schedule to repeat at specific times provides a gentle reminder to make time to sit in silence, if only for a few moments to take a deep breath, to center myself and to connect with all that is greater than I am.

I'd like to share one with you.  This is my Make a Difference prayer that repeats daily at 9:30 AM.

"I am not here by accident.  Grace has sent me to be in this place at exactly this time.  There is a purpose here even though I may not understand it.  I am here in this moment for a purpose.  I can do all things and have within myself all the powers that I need to succeed.  I have the energy, the passion and the right message to make a huge impact - for now and for always.  What I have to share is vitally important.  It matters to the people that I will come into contact with today.  By grace I am prepared.  I am strong.  I am energetic.  I am outstanding.  My heart is wide open.  I will connect.  I will make a difference."